Big Trout Bring Big Smiles

Guide Ty Webb took clients JT and Susan Hinson from North Carolina out this summer.  As you can see from the smiles, it was a great trip!  Susan had this to say about the trip: 

Little Bugs, Big Shadows

It's the little things.  Every day in the shop we hear how tiny a lot of the flies are, and how could a trout possibly eat something so small?  Going forward into fall a lot of the dries we are going to be fishing with will be shrinking down to the itty bitty size class, 18-20s and smaller.  As frustrating as these small flies can be to fish with sometimes, they are a vital part of a trout's diet.  

Missouri River Rainbows

Fall is the season of the brown trout.  Everyone chases them, everyone focuses on them.  But let's not forget the big rainbows you can get into this time of year.  This one ate a streamer on the Missouri River a couple of days ago.

This is a great time of year to fish.  Get out on the water!

Bozeman, Montana Area Fishing Report 6 September 2014

Yellowstone River – 3,670 cfs 

Streamer Eaters

Shop owner Rod King was able to get out and throw streamers during one of the first days of the year that really felt like fall.  Fishing was a little slow, but he was still able to connect with this beauty.  We were all a little surprised that it was as colored up as it was, this early in the year.  

There are few things as pretty as a brown in it's full spawning colors...

Image preview

Labor Day Sales

Labor Day is almost upon us, and with it the official end of the summer season.  Hard to believe that the season is just about over... The cold snap last weekend and being able to look up and see snow on the peaks around town is a stark reminder that fall is on its way.  

Browns on the Yellowstone

Guide Ray Bernardo got his client Michael Buck into this hog of a brown on the Yellowstone recently.


Image preview

Even the dogs days of summer can produce some big fish!  

Photo credit Ray Bernardo.

Bozeman, Montana Fishing Report 14 August 2014

Yellowstone River – 4,600 cfs

The Browns of Summer

The shop blog has been a little slow this summer.  Apologies.  It’s amazing how fast days can fly by with a shop full of customers!  It has been a great year for fishing, and lots and lots of happy people have been out on the local rivers enjoying the bounty of our waters.

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