Spring Streamers

My last trip over to the Salmon river in Idaho got me back into spey casting and luckily this is a great time of year to catch trout on a swung fly in Montana.  Spent a couple days on the Missouri last week and had some awesome streamer fishing both from the both and wading with a two handed rod.  Spey casting is really fun for a number of reasons and for those of us who grew up fishing single hand rods it presents an enjoyable challenge that will ultimately improve your casting all around.

March madness

Things have been pretty awesome on the rivers lately and it could have a lot to do with the cold winter holding most anglers off until lately.  After a number of 20 below zero days it feels pretty great to be rowing boats on the area rivers.  The weather has been typical spring in Montana with some sunshine, clouds, and snow.  The fish are eating streamers and sipping midges in the foam trying to bulk up before runoff.  Our guide Ken Stock sent us this pic from the Missouri the other day which has been fishing stellar as well.

Springtime in the Rockies


Streamers and Midges

The ice has melted enough to get a boat down the ramp and the streamer fishing has been pretty decent lately.  Floated the Yellowstone and the Lower Madison inthe last two days.  The fish were pretty much doing the same thing both rivers, eating a slow retrieved white streamer or sipping midges in the foam.  Did catch a few on some beadheads but foir the most part we did fine going bobber free.  This can be a great time to have some stellar fishing on a very uncrowded stretch of local water.  Just feels awesome to be in a boat on a river in Montana!


Bozeman Angler Two Tone Cap

Fuchsia/GreyBurnt Orange/GreenBurnt Orange/Green

The Bozeman Anglers official two tone baseball cap. 


Field Trip to the Simms Factory

The Bozeman Angler crew took a field trip out to four corners this morning to check out the Simms Factory and learn about how their amazing waders are created, seam by seam.  Our tour began in the repair department, where the friendly, avid fly-fishing staff, explained the process of checking your waders for pinholes by turning them inside out and spraying them with alcohol and then treating them with a thin layer of aquaseal.  Simms offers  a warrenty that includes free repairs on your waders for one year.

2014 International Fly Fishing Film Festival

This Saturday, March 8th, The Emerson Theater will be filled with avid anglers for the 2014 International Fly Fishing Film Festival.  As the cold weather has forced us inside for most of this winter, I am sure, you, like me, are chomping at the bit to get out on the water.  Watching the amazing previews for the eight films featured on the website (flyflimfest.com), I am eager to head over to the festival on Saturday for fishing inspriation.  The International Fly Fishing Film Festival brings us around the world in a series of vivid imagery and touching personal stories.

Winter Crazy Days

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Feb. 28th-March 2nd are the Downtown Bozeman Winter Crazy Days.  The Bozeman Angler has some awesome deals on clothing, gear, fly rods and more. This is a great chance to build up your fly fishing arsenal at a fraction of the normal price.  Hope to see you there!!!

Free Fly Men's Bamboo Longsleeve Shirt with Bozeman Angler Logo

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Free Fly Bamboo Longsleeve fishing shirt for Men with Bozeman Angler Logo on the back.


Free Fly Women's Bamboo Long-sleeve Shirt with Bozeman Angler Logo

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Free fly presents a women's long sleeve fishing shirt made of bamboo.  Antibacterial, moisture-wicking, natural UV protection, regulates body temperature, with a Bozeman Angler Logo printed on the back.

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