Big Hole River Fishing Report


On the drop right now, but for how long in the warmer temps coming up this week? Gonna be the a race between water clarity and the salmonfly hatch up there in the next few weeks. 

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Gonna be high and dirty for a while over there! Get ready for post runoff stonefly hatches here soon!

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After a long snowy winter, the Big Hole is finally starting to look more like Spring. If you are looking for a wildcard, this could be your option! It's a good time of year to target the larger fish. Nymph deep and slow or strip the big stuff. 

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Winter has a tight grip on this area, but with the warmer temps forecast for next week, it might be time to give this river a go. Gamble with a big streamer to hunt for that one true monster, or go below with some nymphs to cover the water quickly. Should be a great water year for this river, translating to some epic stonefly hatches in the months to come.

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Will report back when we head out that way, could be good and could have the place to yourself if you wanna make the drive. 

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Haven't been over here in a while. My guess is still pretty wintery over here, but if you can find some open water, the fish should be feeding. 

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MAYBE some open water over here. If you are headed that way, call us and I can try to call around to some of our guide/shop friends from that area. My guess is that its very frozen, and would best be rested until warmer weather becomes more regular. 

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Lower flows over there, definitely will find some nice solitude and beautiful scenery over that way. Its always neat to try and catch the grayling over in the upper stretch, they will rise pretty consistantly to a small parachute adams. Watch out for redds. Tread lightly. 

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Always a great place to find some true solitude and target some unique species such as grayling or brook trout. Or of course, strip streamers for very large brown trout! Be mindful of the drought closure still in place (as of 9-22). 

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256 cfs

Hoot Owl Restrictions on certain sections of this river.  Check the MT FWP Waterbody Restricitions page for specifics.


Otherwise, tricos, PMDs, and spruce moths is the word.  Should be pretty good early on in the day over there right now!  Check in with a local shop for more specific fly suggestions.


Flies: spruce moth, PMD, caddis dries

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